Wilde Horticulture is a fast-growing landscaping design and install company.

Wilde Horticulture is a fast-growing landscaping design and install company. Its owner, Brian Wildeman, is an Evansville native, a downtown dweller, and community dreamer. Wildeman explains: “The idea of having a flower truck and an opportunity to engage with the community at events and festivals has always intrigued me. Many bigger cities greatly enjoy these kinds of vendors, so I thought, ‘why not Evansville too’?”

Just this month, working with the City, Wilde secured the necessary permits to bring Evansville its very first flower truck. Soon, Wilde’s newest team member, affectionately referred to as Winnie, a 1949 Chevrolet 6400 2 Ton FarmTruck will be cruising the streets near you, flowers in tow.

As only the third owner, Wildeman shares that Winnie has been lovingly cared for all her long life. The original owner purchased the truck new in January of 1950 in Hillsboro, Ohio from Matson Chevrolet. After her farm days ended, Winnie rested in a barn for many years. Rich Franklin rescued Winnie to the Hoosier state, taking her to his home in Plainfield, Indiana and in 2011 he painstakingly restored her with only a few necessary upgrades including an engine, modern mirror and running lights – all else remains original. She was spruced up with original blue factory-color paint.

Wildeman, who had been looking for the perfect truck to debut as Evansville’s own flower truck combed classic car websites for months without much luck. Just when he thought what he was looking for may not exist, a curious Cragislist ad popped up on a Sunday morning. Wildeman called the number on the ad immediately. “I expected it to be a scam, but the guy loved the truck and knew his stuff –  including the story of the truck from the time it came off the factory floor. So, I arranged to meet with him the very next day.” With the help of Gibco Motor Express’s CEO Larry Meeks, Winnie arrived in her new home in Evansville just after Independence Day.

Soon, Evansvillians and those in the surrounding areas can meet Winnie, chat with Wildeman, his wife Crystal and their youngest employees, their daughters, Adelaide and Marjorie, and pick up bouquets of fresh cut and dried flowers, seasonal plants and all things horticulture at festivals and events in the area. Winnie’s debut will be at New Harmony’s Kunstfest, on September 16 and 17, 2017.

For more information contact Brian Wildeman at 812.604.5322 or brian@wildespaces.com .