B-Blog: Benchmarking Best Practices at Alcoa

Benchmarking Best Practices at Alcoa

The Tri-State Manufacturer’s Alliance Lean Peer Group visited Alcoa Warrick Operations in early April to benchmark the plant’s production Daily Management systems. One of the best ways to enhance skills is through peer to peer learning, members have noted. Sharing best practices reinforces current knowledge and opens up avenues for increased learning.

“Employees at Alcoa are a very empowered and self directed workforce,” said Tom Watson, Kimball Electronics. “Through systems such as Daily Management, employees are tracking their scheduled plan and keeping track of their targets and progress – the ownership piece at Alcoa is very impressive.”

The event was led by Shane Muncy, Warrick AGP-NA ABS Specialist and Lean Peer Group Leader. It aimed to provide the opportunity for area companies to share their knowledge and current challenges in Lean Manufacturing deployment.

The Peer Group reviewed the Daily Management process for the litho line, Finishing Department and the site level, which enabled the members to see how Alcoa rolls information up from the activity level to the department level to the site level.

“I was thrilled with the participation from the local manufacturing community,” said Muncy. “The level of interaction and interest from the group was outstanding, and everyone left at the end of the day with great take-a-ways and all very complimentary of Warrick Operations.”

Tri-State Manufacturers’ Alliance offers seven peer groups to engage manufacturers: Global Business, IT, Lean, Maintenance, Quality, Safety and Sustainability. For information on any of these groups, email Ashley Murray, business services manager, or call 812-425-8147.