Evansville and our region has got it going on. Incredible energy and growth, exciting
opportunities and a diverse population of citizens. Many are seeing Evansville in a new and
exciting light. Our story is happening now, and it needs to be shared. A new brand has been
created to support this energy — one that brings all our assets together and unifies our
people under a common and compelling symbol of our outstanding city. Our story must be
clear and coherent, distinct and differentiating and inclusive of all the beautiful people, places
and purposes that unite us. Evansville is more than a place on the map. Evansville is a living,
breathing (working and playing) entity that demands a brand with just as much life and
energy. No matter who you are, your passion or purpose, Evansville offers something for all.

The people of Evansville are proud of what we’ve built together. It’s up to the us to keep the
energy and excitement going. When we connect, contribute and celebrate all that is
Evansville, our community thrives. When we share the story of what it means to be a part of
this community, whether resident, business person or visitor — we showcase our successes.

So, let’s connect with the people around us. Let’s contribute by getting involved in whatever
capacity we can — by taking ownership in our city, pitching in and doing our part to help our
city thrive. And let’s celebrate every achievement, welcome every newcomer and get excited
about every possibility. We need everyone to be brand ambassadors of our city — we have
the power to change perceptions. So, when we speak of our city, let’s speak with pride, with
enthusiasm and with a spirit that unites and never divides. Let’s tell our Evansville story every
chance we get.

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