JPAC Announces Endorsements

JPAC Announces Endorsements for Local and State Offices

JPAC (Jobs for Southwestern Indiana Political Action Committee) announced Oct. 17 fall election endorsements for several local and state offices.

Launched in 1996 by the chamber of commerce, JPAC is a separate nonprofit entity that supports pro-business candidates for local and state offices. An 11-member bipartisan board of directors, co-chaired by Republican and Democrat representatives from the Southwest Indiana Chamber board of directors, oversee JPAC operations and use long-established criteria and guidelines to determine support for candidates.

JPAC and the Southwest Indiana Chamber invite candidates to participate in our annual Candidate Interviews. See how candidates for positions respond to our questions here.

The following pro-business candidates are endorsed by JPAC for the 2014 election:

Suzanne Crouch
State Auditor
“As a former Vanderburgh County Auditor and State Representative for House District 78, Suzanne’s knowledge and background provide her with unique insights on the fiscal affairs of government. Her work to make State government more transparent is valuable to assuring the public’s confidence in how our tax dollars are spent.” —Krista Lockyear, JPAC Board of Directors Co-Chair

Wendy McNamara
State Representative, District 76
“In her two terms in the House, Wendy has been a leader on education and transportation issues. As the legislature further addresses education issues, it’s important that Wendy continue to promote workforce development and provide leadership to make sure that we are meeting our State’s education system and workforce needs.” —Mike Schopmeyer, JPAC Board of Directors Co-Chair

Holli Sullivan
State Representative, District 78
“Holli joined the State House just days before the start of the 2014 legislative session, filling the seat held by Suzanne Crouch. Holli quickly acclimated herself to the House and became a leader and strong voice for Southwest Indiana. We are confident that Holli will continue to support pro-business policies and represent District 78 well.” —Mike Schopmeyer, JPAC Board of Directors Co-Chair

Stephani Terry
Vanderburgh County Council
“Stephanie’s passion for Evansville and its prosperity, her understanding of the County’s fiscal position, and her previous service is a true asset to the Vanderburgh County Council. We look forward to working with her on issues important to community development and the Chamber.” —Krista Lockyear, JPAC Board of Directors Co-Chair

Chris Kiefer
EVSC School Board, District 1

Mike Duckworth
EVSC School Board, District 2

Andy Guarino
EVSC School Board, District 2

“EVSC has shown substantial gains in school accountability measures over the last few years. The leadership that Chris Kiefer, Mike Duckworth, and Andy Guarino have provided, in conjunction with EVSC’s educators and students, have made these gains possible. Continuity is critical for the EVSC to see their long term vision is met. They are moving in the right direction and with the continued leadership of Kiefer, Duckworth, and Guarino, we believe the EVSC can reach even greater and broader student achievements.” —Mike Schopmeyer and Krista Lockyear, JPAC Board of Directors Co-Chairs