Indiana business leaders connect with Congress in annual DC Fly-In

Members of the Southwest Indiana Chamber joined over 100 members of the business community from around Indiana to participate in the Indiana Chamber’s annual D.C. Fly-in September 27 – 28, 2017.

The two-day event featured briefings from members of the Indiana congressional delegation, a dinner keynote address by U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, and a question and answer session by Indiana’s Senate Delegation Senator Joe Donnelly and Senator Todd Young.

Senator Rob Portman (OH)

Christine Keck, US Senator Joe Donnelly,
students Natalie Roth and Emma Sawyer


Tax reform was the hot topic of the fly-in. Ironically, as members of Indiana’s business community flew to Washington, DC to discuss policy issues with our delegation, several members of the Indiana delegation flew to Indiana with President Donald Trump to roll out a tax reform package in Indianapolis.

The tax reform package will among other things: lower the corporate tax rate from 35%, will simplify the individual tax brackets, eliminate the alternative minimum tax and the estate tax, and will shift to a territorial system that will not double tax profits made overseas.

Senator Todd Young was candid with his thoughts at the dinner, “at a time when the rate of business creation is lower than at any period in my own life, I feel the time is now for tax reform. And the president made a compelling case in what I thought were pretty accessible terms.”

Congressman Larry Bucshon is optimistic this can get through the divided halls of Congress. “As long as both sides don’t go to our corners and stick with our traditional talking points- trying to win an election in 2018- we are going to get this done,” he said in a briefing with members.

Rep. Larry Bucshon (IN-08) meeting with
members of the chamber delegation

Along with the scheduled set of events over the two days in Washington, Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and the Chamber’s Director of Public Policy, Justin Groenert, used the time in DC to speak with administration officials in the Office of the Vice President, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Transportation to ensure local priorities were not overlooked.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

“Having access to members in the administration is very helpful, especially as we work through the consent decree on our sewer long term control plan and as we work to ensure completion of the I-69 Ohio River bridge,” Mayor Winnecke said. “It was a productive few days and a great opportunity to discuss the issues that are important to the citizens here in Evansville and Southwest Indiana,” he concluded.