Family Business Alliance FAQ

Q: Will members of my organization who are not family benefit from the family business alliance?
A:  YES!  As a matter of fact, a lot of what we discuss focuses on the business as a whole and how all members, both family and non-family, need to work together for the common goal.

Q: What are the benefits of attending Family Business Alliance Events?
A: The Family Business Alliance events are a great way of networking with other small and large family owned businesses, access to industry experts, and shared best practices with other comparable businesses.

Q: What is the cost of being a part of the Family Business Alliance?
A: Family Business Alliance events are paid on a per event basis. Some events are even free to attend due to our generous sponsors!

Q: We are a family business, and we’d like to participate.  Who should we send from our business?
A: The events and learning opportunities generally focus on strategic challenges and opportunities regularly faced by family businesses.  Family business founders, non-founding owners and managers, executive management, and next generation owners and managers seem to benefit the most from these events.