Annual Meeting & Dinner: Sept. 10

Yes To Inc. co-founder and “Chief Carrot Lover” will be keynote speaker at Annual Meeting & Dinner.

New Eatery Targeted for Downtown

Evansville’s Main Course Restaurant Challenge is a contest designed to stimulate downtown growth with the addition of a new dining option.

Volunteers Recruit 341 New Members

Thanks to the hard work of 260 volunteers, the Southwest Indiana Chamber is now the second-largest chamber of commerce in the state.


Southwest Indiana Chamber

Not “Business as Usual”

It’s a new, global era for commerce, one that demands change and innovation. The Southwest Indiana Chamber is responding to those challenges by ensuring that we continue to lead change and to promote innovation. We’re movers and shakers for business in all arenas: local, state, and federal government; jobs; transportation; energy; environment; education; finance, and marketing. The old saying is still true: there is strength in numbers, and the Southwest Indiana Chamber is one of the largest regional chambers of commerce in the state. The strength of our nearly 1,700 members, combined with the talent, passion, and abilities of our staff, board of directors, and volunteers, is helping to create a dynamic, exciting climate for business in Southwest Indiana. It’s a new era and this is a new Chamber, re-focused and re-dedicated to meet the challenges of our time. We’re excited about what’s happening in the Southwest Indiana region. We think you will be, too.

      SWIN Chamber 2014 Annual Meeting and Dinner
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